Reviews for "Winter in New York"

Not that funny

It was short! And stop your complaining I live in an actual cold part of New York we've been hitting negative degrees!

Ilive in new york

So we both experienced the SAME thing. bad weather isnt it? and submission was cool mainly because it related me as an audience and because of the great voice acting and good animations


Since I hate the summer, with that I'm annoying, and very tropical Brazil (v_v)


Its the same in VA right now. one day its snowing, the next day its 60 degrees and sunny outside, then it's raining. Mother nature can't make up it's mind

So is hail . . .

When an cloud cuts itself. Buck this humans and their cars. Simple excerise which was nice. Still surprised that a practice excerise can get you second place. Yeah, newgrounds isn't bias.

Anyways, good job.