Reviews for "Symphony"

incredible game, not a chore to play, dope for a feel-good music junkie

I thought this was the dopest since I produce music this game made my whole day. I love everything about it. the fact that the mixture of colors created a new one and it also warmed or brightened the sound depending if it was dark or light

It's great. I love it.

This game is absolutely genius! Its not only challenging and makes you think but you get the music as a reward. Beautiful!! Well done!

I think this game is amaaaazing~! :D A great way to pass time, and beautiful music aswell. I love the pieces chosen for this game, I could play it for hours and hours. Granted a few of the puzzles stumped me - which is good, because after careful consideration, I was able to find a clever way through them. The difficulty is pretty nicely set - I'm sure about anyone would be able to do this, given the right amount of time to explain how the game works.

What else, what else? Ah - I'm not very sure. All I know is that this game, although simple in itself - is amazing to play~ I will definitely be back again on a night where I need time to pass :3 <3