Reviews for "Symphony"

Wow! This is a really cool concept and when you get the music to work it sounds beautiful.

Awesome mix of flowing color, ethereal music, and fun puzzle solving! I would enjoy a sandbox mode or a Symphony 2 as many others have said. On that note, I personally would enjoy having this style and sound to be used in a pseudo RPG puzzle game. Basically a puzzle game with a story, I'm thinking the story is where your universe (Colors and music style are selected at the start) is unstable and deharmonized. The goal of the game obviously would be to correct this, by solving the puzzles. Just a thought, keep up the incredible work!

This is the most beautiful music game I've ever played. Such soothing and emotional symphonies.

love this game ! can someone please list the insturments and which color they are assigned?

That's a great game but i think you can add a sandbox mode to the players can make his own symphony.

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