Reviews for "Symphony"


Similar or not, this game still packs an enjoyable punch.

Tranquiil and innovative

Pleasant and serene, a music, graphic oriented game. The graphics are well done, but I wish once the area is successfully filled with color it would have done .... something. Maybe an explosion of color and/or something like a firework? Good concept, just wishing for something more. Maybe utilizing different elements like mirrors to get prisims, water to run colors together (watercolor art work), wax to melt/drip colors together (like candles do) and/or fire to spit out flames. Of course, these are just some of my ideas.

Rip Off

This is pretty much a dumbed down clone of Auditorium. You might have at least tried to do something new.


You were kind enough to come right out and say that it was "inspired" by Auditorium, so thanks for that. But it wasn't really inspired by Auditorium, was it? Seems to me it's more of a simplified clone. All I can see different from Auditorium is reduced graphics, fewer game mechanics, and different music. Sorry, but if you want to make a game that's inspired by another one, then take inspiration from it, not the entire engine, and try to improve on it, or at least change it.


I'm very glad you mentioned that the game was inspired by another game, although I don't think a lot of people read the description. Anyways, a simple, beautiful game. The music adds an incredible touch to the whole package. Nice.