Reviews for "Ibuki vs Makoto 2"


I have been trying to get into sprite animation lately and this definitely inspired me to give it another go. I loved the flash, the animation was nice and fluid (gotta love Street Fighter Third Strike), you created some very cool, original effects with Makoto deflecting the kunai, and Ibuki is one of my favorite characters. Once again good work I look forward to your future work.

Finally as a request, could you direct me to a place where I could find some nice sprites, such as what you used? I would be very grateful if you could give me a link or tell me a site that specializes in sprites such as these Third Strike ones. Thanks

jqzjqz responds:

Thanks! I try my best to make the animation appear fluid like water.
Also left something in your inbox.

Great work!!!

I was expecting something that was a lot less well done. And you disappointed me. It was interesting to see the story, as well as the fighting which seemed very fluent 10/10 for you my friend.

jqzjqz responds:

Thank you very much! Wait till you see part 3


had a smoothness to it im not used to seeing in sprite videos, good job!

jqzjqz responds:

Thank you! I try.


Wow that was awesome cant wait to see the third installment how can i see the first installment

jqzjqz responds:

Glad you liked it! The first installment can be found here (though it has nothing to do with part 2): http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /396228

Ibuki vs Makoto was my very first sprite flash. It's no where near like this one.

Cute girls beating on each other

An event that everyone wishes would happen more often in the real world.