Reviews for "Goomba's perspective"

friggin epic

Funny as f***

voices fit the sprites perfectly



finally i feel how goombas are feel about mario

ok the flash is about a goomba joke about how mario keeps of killing his friends and him but his friends is dead again and the goomba survive a mario stomp but mario contains 99 lifes and he goes to spawn and tries to kill the goomba while two koopa whit the mushroom joke and mario gets a star and tried to get into a goomba and i think you make a awesome run goomba run reference

Brilliant, funny and brilliant one more time

I don't normally give short animations a full 10 but damn dude, you nailed it. The Gombas, admittedly aren't creatures I think about personifying too much, much you dude, you nailed it. If Gombas were meant to sound, think and act any more than they do in the Mario series, they would act EXACTLY how you portrait them, brilliant, sheer brilliance.

You are a great animator, the style and flow of the whole piece is smooth and polished but yet still very strong in the originality department. The dialogged is spot on and the fact that you've switched the role of Mario the hero to Mario the ass hole makes this one of the best Mario animations I've ever seen.

Furthermore, I suggest everyone checks out your other works [as I will do now] as I have every confidence that they are just as great as this.
A vote of 5 and 10/10!

haitam responds:

Thank you for reviewing ! I'll try and make my future animations as entertaining as i can .

that's a very powerful perspective but i would like to see king koopa/bowsers perspective of mario.
Never the less. Excellent Work.