Reviews for "Goomba's perspective"

New Perspective

I never thought about how killing goombas looks from their eyes.. Now I know, never get jumped by a fat italian.


Nice voice acting

Really funny?

This animation was funny! Made my day. This totally deserves a 10/10!
This animation also told me about a Goomba's life(span) and how early he is killed.
Are you sure eating a mushroom heals 5HP and make you high?

oh my goooooodd!!! this reminds me of the super mario bros movietht i just saw on youtube like 3 days ago ITS AWSOME! if you dnt ay atenion to te actuall personality or so its funy... theyha good actors to. good humor, just not enough. and also there waas swearng which was wierd.

this was good flash though! XD

So true this was hilarious! :)