Reviews for "Talk to Jebus V"

When I was a kid I had a religious friend and one day while visiting him, we programmed a QBasic program that answered YES or NO randomly and we typed in questions. It kept answering them correctly so I asked the computer if it was possessed by Satan and it said YES. My friend deleted the program and his mother didn't let me play with him anymore. He's now a missionary in Africa...

all the same but thiss one stands out

most of your jebus games are the same
but i have to admit there were noticeable improvements in this one

i think that you should do a little but more
i have to admit it did make me laugh

"do you lick robotnicks pingas jebus"
"sure if you give me coupons"

any way i think you should do a non jebus move soon

is he black because along time ago
Madonna had a black person portray Jesus
and the church couldn't complain without being called racists
and jebus a comical miss spelling of uncertain origin
debating the nationality or ethnicity of Jesus
is pointless
he is fictional and generally assumed to be from Eurasia

if Jesus was real and what the church claims he is he could probably change his appearance
so it is pointless to debate his ethnicity

you have improved
or did majorseizure do everything

its just a random answer generator

MajorSeizure responds:

No me and 'mandog' are not Christians and Jebus is black, originally 'mandog' had the idea of creating the opposite of Jesus but instead he just done a few things differently , like at the end of the last Jebus movies 'Jebus 'satan' christ' has logged out.
I never done EVERYTHING I just done most of the art (although there isn't much) I don't know anything about code so 'mandog' done it and he let me submit it for some odd reason (maybe he was just lazy).
Also I am his friend in real life, don't really hang around newgrounds much.

And it is a random answer generator but soon it wil be more then that.
'mandog' also commented:
''A comment? seems legit''
Thanks for your comment man :)

Three things,
One: Why can't I hear my music?
Two: Did you ask permission to use my music? No. Then why is it listed?
Three: What the heck is your problem?

This is like bloody snot on a tissue if you look at it long enough!

These are only getting less funny