Reviews for "IE7 for a Webdesigner"

ie is a fail

internet explorer is evil
why even bother updating it
just install another browser

just offer a text only version for ie users
to much stuff will crash ie
there probably used to pages loading crappier than other browsers

any way this was voiced very well
the animation was smooth

but you are just saying what everyone has been saying about internet explorer

since it was included and integrated into windows 98 and all later vershions of windows
it was included with windows nt4 and some vershions of 95 but not intergrated
Upgrade was download able for that

I totaly agree.

I'm a web developer and I totaly agree, except I don't blame IE 7... I blame the people that use IE 7, get with the times its time to update.

fuck IE

i agree 1000%


cool animation man, I noticed a icon on yar desktop and know what it is since i have that too on my computer XD (Custom Maid 3D) just for that ill give ya an 10 XD


C'est drole d'entendrer les voix des acteurs francias quand ils essaient de parler anglais sur les flashs. Quand-meme une bonne animation. J'ai aimé beacoup. Continuer votre bon travail :)