Reviews for "Arrow to the..."

i just got an idea

im gonna shot an guard in the knee

Oh my goodness

Cried for hours afterwards. Laughed so hard I shit my pants. More arrows please.


What a tragic story between star crossed lovers. 10/10

Aw C'mon!

That was hilarious! Loved it! Ahhh, the anticipation!

I find that most people (notice I said most, not all) who are complaining about the arrow joke are the ones who don't play the game. Which is fine. But seriously, it's not reason enough to knock down someones video about the 'joke done to death'. For those of us who love the game and have no problem with the 'joke done to death' embrace it cause it will have it's time and it will pass. And life will move onto the next 'Arrow to the knee!' joke of the month. You just know Bethesda had this planned from the very beginning. They're evil like that.

I mean seriously if you don't like the joke, then don't click on the video (especially if it's a Skyrim video) with 'Arrow' in the title. (Now watch someone will make one with Arrow in the title and it won't have a single arrow in the whole bit - except after the credits and then it will just be a half second image of an arrow.)

Well said, DMowMow!

I used to be a Hedgehog like you, but I took a spike strip to my Knee. ROFLKOPTAR Sonic the Hedgehog