Reviews for "Arrow to the..."

If I could come through the computer system...

I would make you eat the paper you were looking at when you conceived this idea. This whole idea was stinky, the only narowly enjyable part being the "nuclear" arrow at the end. This joke is used way too often, and you even failed to deliver this failed joke. At least make the guy hit the ground with the 1st arrow, then head, then the rest. Otherwise, why even bring up the arrow to the knee joke.....


Proceed with caution. Extremely pointless video


I thought newgrounds was better that this, it just wasn't funny

Gave this

A 0 cause I'm tired of that stupid joke. People need to stop saying it... It's older then my fucking mom.

ill give you a 6 for the animation but

then i took an arrow to the knee also i HATE that damn joke (just sayin)