Reviews for "Arrow to the..."

10/10 because it totally owned the joke

Well, i don't give a shit what all u 0'rs say, but this was funny. I agree with TarraxIronwolf, if u don't like these joke, don't click them. For the guy below me, no it hasn't been done, this is a whole new spin on it, making fun of it. And jeez, theres only been like 3 other flashs of it, is that too many?

Seriously, lighten up. You all were laughing you ass off from the others now you just get pissy and say "This is oldd >:("
Yes... one week is anchient....not....
..which is exactally why this joke is in its prime!
This video didn't get Daily 2nd place for nothing, or frontpaged because it was stupid
The joke has come, and will go soon. Enjoy it while it lasts, and stop hating on it.
These people try to make you laugh and all you do is retaliate for no reason.
Im glad there were at least a few people here who acctually enjoyed this for what it was.

REVIEW PART (hah, yeah...): Great animation, music and voices! I loved his dialogue of how happy and cheerful he was before the arrow. Good suspense and unexpected ending, hilarious! Keep it up, and make more!

8/10 for how funny it was
9/10 for graphics/voice
10/10 because all of the haters here are lowering its score.

Have a nice day...

the bad rating are worth it

this joke is well, been done, like beating a dead horse, or clown, this is the redux of it over and over, plus he didn't die, proaby has brain damage, then maybe suffered a arrow to the crotch, which had been shown, I might have given this flash a 1... but sorry no arrow to the groin... *cries*

=D i laughed so hard

I almost watched this video.

But then, i took an arrow to the knee

(i did not expect the first arrow to go in his head)


I used to be a warrier until my arrow took a knee.


Everything about it was mediocre, or meh. It wasn't bad by any means, but it wasn't good either.