Reviews for "Arrow to the..."


Sorry, I don't really care how cute your animation is, the overused meme killed it. Perhaps if I didn't hear arrow to the knee from ever little hipster who has played an Elder Scrolls game one hour of their entire life, I wouldn't get so worked up. Sorry, no cigar.

Pretty good

The animation was quite good, and the voice was also alright. I also really liked the beginning of the movie and how everything was planning out, but i just dont find the end all that funny.


i wonder were dat last arrow whent....

i hate this joke but..

you made it allmost work but dont ues this joke ever again plaes? ok thank you

Nothing New

Brought nothing new to the arrow in the knee joke. "I was an adventurer like you...then I took an arrow in the knee." Because I said that, will this comment be voted useful? Hope not. The two rating is for the good animation.