Reviews for "Arrow to the..."


Not exceptional but good. It's just hard to stand out the crowd these's days with this meme. But hey I have rather this then something about Chuck Norris.


So i guess we're at the point to where if you make an Arrow to the Knee vid you get automatically front paged.

One question:

Does every town guard in Skyrim have an arrow in their knee?!? Is it like some kind of initiation ritual that must be done in order to be a guard or something? Do they have like, a room where they shoot each other in the knee to decide who gets to do what? ANSWER US BETHESDA (and possibly obsidian) ANSWER US NOW!!!!

it was ok...

Could have been better...jokes old though...


idc i thought it was funny jokes old but that what makes it funny 8 cause i felt it coulda been better 4/5