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Reviews for "[Soup] Lamisil"

A Beautiful Piece of Fun Through A Spam Bot

Like Rena said, I love that the flash came from a spam bot post. You have a great sense of humor and this turd was won by you not attempting to gain the Turd of the Week. You earned it.

Good job, Taco. You done well.

Heansinekew responds:

Thank you for your review!

3 out of 5 doctors agree

its a pillage

Pretty Good

I liked this flash and I find it intresting that you managed to make a flash around the idea of a spam bot post, that is pretty clever. The graphics are pretty good although some improvements could be made, there are parts with little animation to them, something to watch might have been nice, but they worked.

The voice acting work was good, easy to hear and no problems there, the way it ended was good as well, the text went along with the voice acting and ended in a pretty funny way. I do think that a replay button should maybe have been added at the end as well though, but other than that, overall I thought it was pretty clever and funny, good job.



Heansinekew responds:

Thank you for your review!

that was good

the animation was below average but this doesnt deserve to get turd of the week. it has some effort put into it. this teaches us an important lesson though; dont submit stuff to newgrounds that you are not proud of. no one wants a turd of the week

Heansinekew responds:

Thank you for your review!

Troll Turd is Troll

I honestly do not think this submission deserves the turd. At the time of this writing, the score is 1.59, which shows that there is some quality within. For instance, the preloader and buttons function well, meaning that the author clearly has some knowledge of AS. This is further proven when we hear the audio, unless the audio is between keyframes, even then, the audio is still relatively clear. At least it's not ear-rape. The flash also demonstrates the author's knowledge of tweens and filters, such as when the Lamisil logo faded in and out.

this flash is above reveiving the turd.