Reviews for "Trollface Quest"

easy you know why because i am a troll. I like being a troll

1: turn off the TV
2: click the eyes of the hero
3:click the triangle of the green door, then click it again
4:click 5 times the face of the hero, then solve the puzzle
5:click the bad guys, then the wear
6:click the small grow in the bull
7:when you are human click the wand
8:click 16 times the car
9:click the face of the hero 19 times
10:click 12 times the WORD trollface
11:minimize the window, then open it again
12:guide the candy to trollface, but never stop guiding the candy
13:avoid the first 2 blocks, the final blocks click them
14:click the rock before they splat the hero
15:click the green button 99 times, then change to the other button
16:before the hero dies, click the button in the uper-right corner
17:click the first 9 trollface, then click the final in the pop-up
18:jump the first 2 traps, dont jump the final trap
19:click yellow - red - green - orange, then click the hero
20:arranges the first cables, then turn on the TV

this is cancer

every 12 year old and his mother now spews MEMES LUL everywhere

this shit is why

This game is good. But the violence... This should be rated Mature or Teen

i colpleted dis game 20 times .-.*