Reviews for "Zombies In Your Backyard"


Good game man,
Look at this badass below me, Zir0 Out. OH MAN.

Very Enjoyable, Simplely Pure Zombie Carnage

I have found one of my new fav games ever!
I love the zombie genre, and horde games too, so this natraully appels to me. And the thing I loved the most out of this was the "Swarm" mechanic. Simplely, the zombies don't get tougher, but they get more of the each time until you are overwhelmed!

I have struggled to find a half-decent zombie game that employs this idea. Most Zombie games just make them tougher, which is the lazy way in my option. 1, it makes no sence on why a single zombie can take 16 rounds to the head when 20 minutes ago it took one has always annoyed me and ruins most games like this. Luckly you didn't fall into this trap, I found that the waves were just right on the difficulty level although a hard mode would be nice.
My only complaints would be the types were a bit lacking. Now don't get me wrong, too many types ruins the entire game, but too little can be a downfall also (L4D got it right, Hunter,Smoker,Boomer,Witch and Tank ^^ although the latest 2 are ok as well). 1 or 2 more added to this would be great. A faster one perhaps?
Also the minigun was massively overpower but, I guess you did that for kicks, since its like the last gun ^^ The shottie is proberly the best all-rounder gun and works well againist all of the zombies.

Please make a sequal. these kind of games don't get made often enough. (sry for any spelling errors ^^)

Schulles responds:

Wow! Thank you very much!

Sooooo nice!

Simple graphics but addictive gameplay! This game is really good, play without thinking twice!

I loved it

It wasn't that easy but not to hard, it was a good game for work.

its soo addictive i played it many times