Reviews for "Zombies In Your Backyard"

Cute Game

You have really Established a decent good quality of a flash game here, there was some nice detail, nice effects and even better visuals, so nice job on those efforts on things, I Realized it was alot better then i had expected, and really grew on me, So as i start up on this review it gets better and better throughout the time, so nice start here. Ha this was a cute game it was fun also hard so thats good that it was not just an easygame but you did actually make it fun and entertaining and kept me comming back so nice work. It is Evident that you know what you are doing and the outcome in this flash shows that off, You have the right Technique and right ideas to make this as awsome as it is and has been. You have Accuratley put things together and make them work aswell, you have some good stuff here enough for a Highlights reel hehe, anyways nice job here.

there is lots of room for improvments, just a few things here and there, but the extra effort would really improve on this and make it better and a great game overall, Dont get me wrong its pretty good as is, but could stand for a few more enhancments, and will only make things better. so give some of these ideas a shot and let the flash comeout nice. I would suggest adding more "MEDAL" options and whatnot more small and more harder ones to get, maybe even having a music choice of more then just one choice maybe 3 music choices, give people options.


Simple and fun

I Survived 7 Days! This Game Is Good!

This game lags incredible much I cannot win at any odds.

very good game I like the medals and the history, simplicity, guns and more. this game is epic.