Reviews for "FusRoDah Button (+movie)"

Epic Man

HAHAHHAHAHHA I laughed SOOO fucking hard at the movie, PARTY! WORK THE FUCK OUT! BITCHES EVERYWHERE! Reality: SKYRIM 24/7 O.O XD 10/10 my friend. This isn't the worst I've seen for a first attempt. I've seen some stuff that makes me want to burn my eyes out, and this DEFINITELY was NOT one of those things.

I have never played skyrim yet

but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good FUS RO DAH!

onemanarmy675 responds:

Ha! Thanks for the second review!


I understand this is your starting out phase and I honestly can't say much as I have non of My flash uploaded. Though I can say I have dabbled and I know that in a community with artists and talented musicians its really a point to make yourself stand out.

Now don't take this as me thinking your flash was total crap, in fact I laughed a little at the video as I have done mostly nothing but play Skyrim all week. No I think that you could try to either touch up on the art or maybe you really are good at art and you could make a really nice looking animation.

P.S. Don't use meme/rage faces they just come off as lazy.

onemanarmy675 responds:

It's really good to have someone give constructive criticism!
Yes I'm new at flash, and it's been a real pain trying to find good lessons for flash 8, so people need to bear with me here. I drew the rage faces, but I can see where you are coming from. Once again I'm glad you helped me out with your constructive criticism, it helps me learn from my mistakes, and hopefully avoid them in the future. Thanks for taking the time to review this.
Shoot me a message sometime.


This is fun to press

onemanarmy675 responds:



This is pointless; a waste of time, really. The "movie" was only mildly funny.

onemanarmy675 responds:

Please write negatives and positives, so I can learn from my mistakes.
Even if you have nothing positive to say, dive into specifics with the negatives.
Please shoot me a message if you want to help me improve through that manner.