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Reviews for "On The Glass Edge"

I think we could definitely say that these riffs...


( •_•)>⌐■-■


...make the cut.

5/5 - Would destroy fabric of spacetime to.

PirateCrab responds:


Thanks as always dude!

Good solid Metal

Oh wow, the arpeggios at 02:42 is so clean!

I keep looking problems with the piece and I can't find them. All of the problems I have with this song is more of personal tastes, and even then there are barely any problems with this piece. And don't think I don't like metal. I'd have this track next to my Disturbed and Amon Amarth music.

The only thing I can think that I'd really want to change in this piece is I'd like to hear more bass guitar. Minor mixing issue. I really like the chorus that you have here (01:12-01:37 and 02:14-02:38).

The only thing I have to say is that everything sounds really tight and clean, and it's got some wicked themes carrying through the piece. I bet this would be sweet with vocals too.

Be awesome, be more awesome, and repeat.

PirateCrab responds:

Thanks for the detailed review dude! I would push more bass guitar, but the low end is overpowering for the majority of speakers I've listened to it on and forces the mix into a muddy mess. Let's see if I can rework it tonight!

Most definitely will be on repeat, expect more no matter what! :)

Absolutely awesome, man! Around like 1:00 the lead switched tones and it sounded like that tone from Veil of Maya's [Id] album. The mix is tight too. What did you use for your drums? Because they sound really good.

PirateCrab responds:

Haha, Veil of Maya may very well be one of my main sources of inspiration. Listen to the riff that's behind that lead tone as well ;)
Drum's are all done in S2.0 with the Metal Machine pack. I post-process everything with external plugins though because S2.0 built-in plugins fall short compared to some of the stuff you can get these days :)

Really nice man. What are you using to produce msuic? Is it free?
I really liked this strack its a nice mix the two main instruments blend well together.

PirateCrab responds:

Anything but free, I've poured a lot of money into my kit haha. I use Studio One as my choice of DAW :) Thanks bro!

This song is making my ears scream for more. I'm normally torn about metal, since it's so easy to go wrong with it. But you, my dear crab, have done everything right. A beautiful melody with a powerful bassline, and a percussion line that drills into you without being overpowering. 10/10 would rock out to again.

PirateCrab responds:

10/10 hope you do rock out again! Keep checking back man I'm constantly uploading stuff!