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Reviews for "On The Glass Edge"

Really nice man. What are you using to produce msuic? Is it free?
I really liked this strack its a nice mix the two main instruments blend well together.

PirateCrab responds:

Anything but free, I've poured a lot of money into my kit haha. I use Studio One as my choice of DAW :) Thanks bro!

Oh my god dude. This is your masterpiece. I love every bit of it. Well put together, funky bit caught me off-guard, but damn it fits. Bravo, take my 5.
*gears start turning* muahaha

PirateCrab responds:

Haha thank you bro! I agree completely that this is my best work! All I can do now is keep on making more stuff and finally get my album out there :D
I look forward to seeing what you can do ;)

This is a NGADM "Round of 16" Review!
This is on a whole new level from your other pieces, and those were already fantastic. This just blew me away. Your guitar playing is outstanding, honestly I could never play this. You know how much I like this already but I have to say it again. Bloody hell. Brilliant. Haha
I was torn between giving you 10/10 and 9.5/10 and gave you 9.5/10 because I pussied out and didn't want people to think I'm super biased about metal... Sorry. They wouldn't be wrong. ^_^"

Seriously though, nothing I can see wrong with this. Marvellous. You fixed any mixing issues I picked up on in previous pieces too, including making the lead sound fit so well in the mix.

What more can I say? Sold!

PirateCrab responds:

Dammit I was hoping for a 10 ;)

But honestly thanks bro! Your constructive criticism last round helped immensely, took it all on board and completely upped my game! Now my production is down, I guess that leaves it all to composition! Here goes!

Again, thanks dude! Means a lot :)

Mmmm thats tasty. Thanks for the music. Keep on shredding dude

PirateCrab responds:

Anytime! I will do, keep your ears open for more stuff soon!

wow loved this....

PirateCrab responds:

Thanks dude! More to come soon :)