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Reviews for "On The Glass Edge"

Man this is awesome! 10/10

PirateCrab responds:

10/10 you're awesome!


PirateCrab responds:


This is an NGADM Round 2 Review.


OK I'm going to get things on the road by saying that this is your best work from all the tracks I've heard from you. I knew you had loads of potential. Back when you didn't make it in the previous NGADM, your lack of foreground was what put you down, but now that you've made what, in my opinion, is a more balanced track with careful attention to both the foreground and background, I feel like you've reached the pinnacle of what you're able to make, and let me tell you, that pinnacle is pretty damn HIGH. This is brilliant stuff that excels in almost all of the areas I look to criticise in an NGADM submission, and it really opens my eyes at how far you can end up going in the competition.

One thing I particular liked about this would be your use of effects. The high pass filter on the guitar kicked the song's intense mood off pretty much perfectly, and the generous helping of tasteful sonic tidbits here and there like the guitar tone at 0:54, or the glitching at 1:36 and at various other areas. One of the aspects of this which I was glad you worked on would be the composition - now this is more like it! I felt like in Orcus there were certain sections that just kind of sounded like aimless chugging. Conversely, thanks to its melodic nature, this particular submission feels a lot more cohesive and memorable. I especially liked your 1:12 melody which is so expressive.

Issues with it... well, this is where I'm at a loss. You've made something very special here and as I said, succeeded in nearly every area of music production. My only issue is now something which is more stylistic than anything - the dynamic range. You heavily brickwalled this track like you do with a lot of your tracks. It adds a lot of meatiness and loudness to the mix but at the same time, you're really limiting yourself. There was a large lack of dynamic contrast, which would help so much especially in the sections building up to the main (1:13) melody. Having an audible shift in power from one section to the next is vital if you want to make something as climactic as that, and by brickwalling so hard you've limited yourself from providing that contrast, making the dynamics of this track mostly very samey.

This may just be biased since I come from an orchestral background, but man I really think the brickwalling is working against this track a little. Otherwise, this is my favourite from the whole round. It's simply superb, professional, and well-written stuff. I'd love to hear you explore a new style like prog rock next. Change things up a little! Just a personal request; either way, keep up the amazing work!

SCORE: 9.6/10

PirateCrab responds:

Er, I don't think you was even meant to be reviewing this track according to the judge sheet? But hell am I glad you did! :)

First off, thanks for all the compliments and hearty feedback. It really does mean a lot to have people spot those little tidbits that I put in for a giggle.

In terms of the whole 'brickwalling' thing. Unfortunately, due to the whole loudness war and how important it is these days (Especially in Metal) to have a track that's leveled the same as all the other music in your iTunes library, it has to be pushed fairly hard. This genre is generally the only one I push hard sadly, disappointed that you don't like it but there's no way I can feasibly change it :(

Thanks for the great review Step, looking forward to the next one! <3

PS. You might get lucky with some form of Prog Rock (ish) soon ;)

hey man this sounds great. great job. reminded me a lot of system of a down in the intro, but really took on an avenged sevenfold-type turn as it evolved. i hope that isn't an insult (i know they have lots of haters) - i really liked that band (still sorta do). it sounds like some cool stuff off their 2007 record.

PirateCrab responds:

SOAD as if haha, never thought I'd have my stuff compared to them haha, but that's awesome! Not an insult at all, I used to be a big fan back in the day :) Thanks a lot dude!

This song is making my ears scream for more. I'm normally torn about metal, since it's so easy to go wrong with it. But you, my dear crab, have done everything right. A beautiful melody with a powerful bassline, and a percussion line that drills into you without being overpowering. 10/10 would rock out to again.

PirateCrab responds:

10/10 hope you do rock out again! Keep checking back man I'm constantly uploading stuff!