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Reviews for "2011 - A Quiz in Review"

Love the music.

I kinda like these rather simple quizzes. Well, I'm not saying this is an easy quiz, it's probably really really difficult if you don't really pay that much attention to the international news scene.

The music was really comfortable to listen to. I would not mind a pause button though, I figure all games hould have one no matter what. Graphically it's not a masterpiece, but the fact that some of these answers are so... stupid? that they make me giggle is a huge plus in my book.

Little-Rena responds:

I made some of them stupid on purpose, I could have given more realistic answers but there are dumb answers on multiple choice University exams so I carried on the tradition here!


@Jazake - It has nothing to do with how "American" you are. Its how globally savvy you are. So stop pretending that your comment isn't an ignorant one that just spreads hate. Thanks.

Now, on this game. I found the music choice.. Amazing. And as for the quiz, it could have been a little longer, but it was difficult enough. But why do only certain questions cost you a point? I think that is... Weird. It should be all or nothing. Scored a 10, so I'll give this a ten.. Even though that's not mathematically equivalent.

Little-Rena responds:

Because of how dumb some of the choices where, that's why I put a deduction in them :p


This quiz has reminded me I don't pay attention to anything outside of north america.

The only thing I would say change is the buttons. They are to simple for my liking. Try giving them a bevel and round off the edges.

Little-Rena responds:

lol, yeah but it was a lot of buttons

23/24 first try, no help (google).

Too easy, but Americans will struggle to get more than 5 right without using google.

simple and effective, some i was able to reason out with deduction.

For a quiz it does everything it needs to. So i cant give more feedback than that.

Little-Rena responds:

Alright, thanks

Neat quiz

Well the graphics on the starting screen are nice and the only problem I see was clicking the back button on credits took you back a few extra frames and the title song would start over rather than going back just one frame. Very nice quiz.

Most of the questions were interesting and if you ever do mess up on a question at least you learn something that happened during the year. I guess it's nice for anyone who just wants a quick run down of some of the stuff that happened this year.

I notice there were spelling errors but then on the credits page it said you made them either on purpose, accident, or maybe even a joke. The songs that play are nice and relaxing too.

Overall, nice quiz and review of some of the stuff that happened this year.

Little-Rena responds:

Yeah, I did that with the menu button to replay the intro, it made more sense to cut the looping audio to do that, than to leave it, wasn't sure the mustic was a huge deal, lol.

I did struggle to come up with some of the questions because some months, not much of any global significance happend, as for the spelling mistakes, that's more because I am a bad speller and I often miss some of the words when correcting them and flash doesn't have a spell check.