Reviews for "2011 - A Quiz in Review"

Cool game!
How I do the secret medal? (PM me, plz)

TomatoSalad responds:

They are easy to get.

Wow, it's not often that you stumble across a game that's so intelligent. This really makes me want to go back and think about what I've learned throughout the past year. It makes you realize how many other countries there are. You seem to rarely hear about some of this stuff, because of all the celebrity news and junk. In case anyone's wondering, here are some answers. Pakistan was the country with floods, Japan was the one with the tsunami.

Seven billion people were said to come last year. Palestine was voted as a member of the UN group, UNESCO. Kim Jung-un was named as the ruler of North Korea. Tokelau, along with Samoa, realigned its timezone. There are tons more, and it would simply take forever for me to answer every one.

TomatoSalad responds:

Well I tried to find some events that where covered but not too much, so they would make for harder questions :p

Love the music.

I kinda like these rather simple quizzes. Well, I'm not saying this is an easy quiz, it's probably really really difficult if you don't really pay that much attention to the international news scene.

The music was really comfortable to listen to. I would not mind a pause button though, I figure all games hould have one no matter what. Graphically it's not a masterpiece, but the fact that some of these answers are so... stupid? that they make me giggle is a huge plus in my book.

TomatoSalad responds:

I made some of them stupid on purpose, I could have given more realistic answers but there are dumb answers on multiple choice University exams so I carried on the tradition here!


@Jazake - It has nothing to do with how "American" you are. Its how globally savvy you are. So stop pretending that your comment isn't an ignorant one that just spreads hate. Thanks.

Now, on this game. I found the music choice.. Amazing. And as for the quiz, it could have been a little longer, but it was difficult enough. But why do only certain questions cost you a point? I think that is... Weird. It should be all or nothing. Scored a 10, so I'll give this a ten.. Even though that's not mathematically equivalent.

TomatoSalad responds:

Because of how dumb some of the choices where, that's why I put a deduction in them :p


This quiz has reminded me I don't pay attention to anything outside of north america.

The only thing I would say change is the buttons. They are to simple for my liking. Try giving them a bevel and round off the edges.

TomatoSalad responds:

lol, yeah but it was a lot of buttons