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Reviews for "2011 - A Quiz in Review"

Fun times

You have put lots of smiles on the viewers of this game especially this reviewer, You have made it a big task and completed it with lots of energy and lots of detail through out this flash. This game was pretty fun and the medals were a nifty idea, the interface was notbad but maybe it could use more of a flashy look just something to look into, but i found the game to be fun and entertaining, It was not too hard either it actually ran pretty smooth so the gameplay was pretty fun and interesting, so thanks for a fun game here. The style and effort you put into this gives the game something I hadn't seen before. and it really stood out, and that all makes this different from the others i see come into the portal.

I try and be as helpfull as possible in my reviews, but its never easy But i believe i may have a few options for this one, So below are a few ideas and options to go with, so hope you look at it as some helpful hints. So this probably doesnt need much changes but maybe a facelift on the interface and buttons, but its an older game so probably not needed.

ironic that the one full year I spent in college is the year that im lacking in current even knowledge

This is a good quiz about the events of 2011. You will have to make a sequel for 2012. The medals work, and I earned them all. Keep up the good work.

A decent quiz, though the fact that getting no points is a 50-point medal and getting all 24 is a 25-point medal confuses me.

Pwned lol, got all! Secrets are: 0 points on the end(50 points) and view the credits
Nice and informative quiz!