Reviews for "2011 - A Quiz in Review"

just a fun little game about the world in 2011. simple but well executed

Nice quiz, I like how it is globally oriented and is not Europe or USA centered and also that it deals with truly important scientific and political topics and not some TV show series or sports trivia.

What I found weird is that you get more points in medals by answering all questions wrong (50 points) then by answering all questions right (25+10+5=40 points)

a short, simple quiz
I think the word shit should've gave this a T rating though


Great educational game, to get the garbage medal i think you have to score a 0. Get to -1 then answer one question correct, then keep getting them wrong and you should stay at 0.

A pretty informative piece! Don't remember much about 2011 at this point, but this'd be a good reminder too. And thanks for them medals!