Reviews for "Pixel 2"

Omg. so preetteee!

fantastic. this is the kind of game that makes me get back in the studio. Good Stuff

Fun, but...

I've always hated it when games use the control scheme implemented in this game; where your ship aims towards the mouse, but also moves towards the mouse. Not a problem when you're moving a lot, but when you're in one spot, it makes aiming painfully finicky, and adding the 'e-brake' function was simply not a good fix. What you should have done is made it so the ship doesn't move ON TOP of the cursor, but so that it lags a little behind, giving the ship a chance to track properly.

I liked it...

But it was WAAAAAAY too easy. I got hit 5 times or less and it was my 1st time playing...

All-around awesome.

I found this game very entertaining. The music was great, the gameplay was simple, and it wasn't insanely hard. I could see this game on the PlayStation Network, I bet the graphics would be even more awesome. :D

Only reason why it isn't 10/10 is because the lack of a sandbox mode (for lack of a better term). Other than that, keep up the great work!

a big fat glitch?

at the end of world 4 level 6 there is a bonus round , and then my dude's tail falls off and the game doesn't seem to progress after that.... :/ even after i avoided getting the bonus icon things the tail still froze so i know it isn't some glitch on my computer (since i got the pixels earlier in a huge massive storm and it still didn't glitch on me) anyone else getting or does the game resent me :C