Reviews for "Pixel 2"


Needs a pause button. Couldn't find it. Game play was fun. The intro telling me what to do made me feel very dumb. Not sure if you wanted to talk down to your users? Suggest guiding the users to the information they need and not flat out telling them.


I beat the boss of world 3 and i cant continue; and the game is too easy.
But it is ok.

very good.... but not enough as it could be

i would give this a 10.... but its too easy.I used atomic and explosive and the whole game didnt stand a chance they died instantly.It took me like 6 minutes to win maybe less.... so make a VERY EXTREME hard world

Good enough

I cant say the best game tho good work...


YES!!I BEAT EET!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Plus great game extremly comferting quality but sometimes when you move to fast it glitches and goes off screen