Reviews for "Pixel 2"


i loved this game! can't believe it only got 4 reviews and 3.68 rating. gameplay was so fun and absolutely beautiful. i had no idea flash could render so many objects like that! where those Shapes or Bitmaps or what? nice work!


The first level was incredibly challenging. Then, the split-shot made the second level easier (and the game playable), then the exploding shot played the game for you.

The control scheme was incredibly weird. I guess it's realistic that a ship could only shoot in front of it, but it was very frustrating at times to try and avoid enemies that you're supposed to be shooting at them. I know eating pixels fires shots behind you, but they aren't always available.


Simple, fun, beautiful colors, challenging, mesmerizing... Wow.


But loses all difficulty after unlocking the exploding bullet. You can literally run rings around bosses and wait for them to die of shrapnel.


This game is incredible, at first i thought:"Ah, this is a simple little game again." But while playing it my brains blow out of my head because of all the colours. And my screen couldn't handle all the colors and exploded. Holy hell, not to begin about the song, the song is so.. Brainwashing, there is just one word for a game like this: HOLY.