Reviews for "Pixel 2"

so.... much.... PIXELS!!!

i adore this game so much for multiple reasons.
3. you can chose your own weapons and hero.
4. (this one in particulair) amazingly programmed! i mean my flash goes lagging if i move more then 60 objects at the same time and i can see 500+ pixels moving at the same time in this game.

keep up the good work! 5/5 9/10

It was really fun.

Pretty simple, not too difficult.

The only negative I could say is that I wish there were a "Okay, you beat the game, now you can go ahead and choose whatever combination of weapons you want and go willy-nilly and see what works" type of mode. Survival doesn't cut it.


Noone can deny the gameplay is absouloutly intense but it is a little overkill. with the laser shot and the bounce shot I would make damage if i aimed and would make damage if I dind´t and quite frankly: As long as you have somewhat ok reflexes you can dogde almost everything not even regarding how it was almost impossible to get enough hits to die. Still very entertaining game

Ermm, i think i found a major problem.

During the very first screen (after pressing "play") there is currently a bug where all the pixels (all of them) goes by in a very rapid manner for a very long time, sadly this renders the game unplayable by me.
This is on chrome by the way.

However, i did play the prequel and if i'm correct, the game is similar to that one, and since i liked the prequel its impossible for me to give this a 0, so you're going to have to do with this 7 until the bug is fixed since it really is a buzzkiller :(


What an awesome game. The programming was spot on. Good replay value. Good final boss. Just fantastic.