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Reviews for "Trigger Knight"

Good game!

I totaly agree with Crawldragon: well done.

Some other things to mention:

- Dollar is an item which allows you to get multiple money from next slayed monster (gave me 10x money which was around 1.700$ !!! - Too bad that only potion and divine might shops apeared :( )
- I didnt find out why i should level my knight (is it to get stronger enemys?) ... anyway ... whenever i die, i loose my amor and weapon - a bit sad :(

The stackable thing is really a bit sad, cause you only have ONE item to support your lady-knight. (You know ... girls want more than just ONE present ;-) )

All in all nothing to decrease any star. So congratulation: 10/10 + 5 - good job!

This is incredable

So addictive, I really can't wait for a sequel/full game

this was awesome!! i can' t 9 or less this!

From the addictive game play to the awesomely catchy song(Which fits this game perfectly!! And if you make a TK2 or a remake please use this song!! It's really cool.)to the veriety of monsters, items and upgrades, this games got it all while only using a single button!! You got to admit that's pretty cool!! When i saw this game i thought it may be a crappy game but BOY WAS I WRONG!! The only problems i had with the game were that - 1.There is no way to tell when the dragon is going to appear!! i mean it's technically a boss so there should be a tell, right!!(By the way i beat two dragons in one run!! The first by luck[Divine Edge] and the second was when i defeated one regularly by battle. [Also by luck. I got three hits in!!] I also had lvl 10 armor and lvl 7 sword!!) 2. Is that fighting is random!! Why don't you make it so that if you click on your self you use your item and when you click on your enemy you attack them!! That way it truly would be a one button game!! Other than a slightly auto, semi-one button game!! Overall: This is amazing. I am completely entertained and impressed by this and that's all i need for me to like a game!! Thanks for creating this favorite of favorites! This is at the top of my flash list! (So i can play it on the sly.) Awesome!! (For anyone besides the flash maker who is still reading this.)Wait! Are you still reading this!! Play the game already!!See the awesomeness for your self!


the game is good but she dies so easy cause sometimes she just stands there just to get killed. the enemy attacks two time before she can hit the enemy and the lifespan oh god i hate this one. why? cause it cause money to get more lifespan and when i need it the most i don't have the money to recover it and so i start all over back to where i started. but that's not all it's price increases as you go on of how strong you are. at least your fully recovered when you buy armor if i can afford it. oh and also the dragon comes at day 13 at least for mebut the game is awsome maybe cause it is a girl fighting in this gamebut yeah

The Good:
The beauty of this game lies in it's simplicity. You run, you kill, you score, you die. All in one click. The graphic and music is the BEST I've seen so far, probably only matched by Valthirian Arc and Crystal Story. While most people hate the random aspect, I beg to differ. Random pattern adds replay value. The game would be very boring if it uses a fixed pattern. Believe me, randomizing the game is a frikkin' genius move. It's the strength of the game, not a weakness.

The Bad:
Dragons. They are WAY overpowered. I've played this game up to Lv.40, and I only killed 3 Dragons with my sword so far. And once you reached day 20 the only way to kill a dragon is Divine Edge. Even if you have maxed equipments, 9999 health, 999 attack, 999 defense, and an ELIXIR, you would still lose(!) So in the end you have to choose between buying Elixir to restore your health or saving Divine Edge in case you meet Dragons. It sucks.

(5/5) Great gameplay, simple mechanics, awesome song, and high replay value.
If this game doesn't deserve 5/5 I don't know which one does.