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Reviews for "Trigger Knight"

A real original game

its so fun.


I had a really great time playing this :3

A few tips would be :
perhaps have different buildings
some form of savestates, idk :P
erm.. maybe that when you upgrade your weapon / armor it shows on the sprite.

Anyways, this is one of the greatest games i've seen on the site, and i really hope you make some kind of turnbased rpg in the future. 10/10 5/5 hands down !

Good game but could be even better.

I really enjoyed this game but like others I have complaints with very bad luck sprees. One thing I think could vastly improve the game would be to give skill points for your levels that you can spend on skills that give you an advantage in your next game.

Like putting points into a skill that increases your starting gold, or another one that increases how far you can see ahead up to 5 locations in advance. Or another that increases the frequency of monster spawns.

If every time you played you did a little better not thanks to luck but thanks to your strategy it would add an immense amount of replay value and keep people hooked for even longer.

I like it.

It's a great game, and I can say for sure that I would love to have this on my iPod. Please make into a full game, otherwise it would be a waste.

great idea but...

its not so much as hard, but silly how impossible some runs can be. it would be much better if you made some small modifications, such as to either increased the amount of places you can see, or make the cash vouch separate from the elixer (so that you can carry both). Also, you should leave a potion shop and/or armor shop right after a dragon fight. because i was maxed out on everything and I fought a dragon (had to use a potion), but because I was so weak afterwards, I was killed by a wolf.