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Reviews for "Trigger Knight"

Just one more time...

I said that an hour ago, I finally finished ! The art, music, and gameplay was all amazing, please make a full game.

Some suggestions are:
Something that carries over between each play so it isn't like your starting over.
Some more art : swords, armor, shops, and background designs, or music to freshen things up as you progress.
Something to help you effect a battle other than items, like a special attack or something.
Or something that tells you how much time you have left in each area.

It was fun, make more!

enjoyable and has a lot of potential.

As I've read some of the other reviews this would make a great mobile game. There are a few things that seemed a little harsh. mostly that as you level it only seems to make your multiplier go up and nothing else. having a level up system that increases stats in some way would make the game more enjoyable. such as starting with higher armor/hit points, starting with a higher strength/weapon. or even a skill such as earn more gold from slain enemies.

It's Okay..

This game is fun for a while but it is mostly up to luck. You should add instructions because I died from not knowing how to use an elixir (that or I might be stupid) and the amount of gold you get is so tiny that you don't have enough to stop and fill your energy when a stop comes. Healing stops don't come often enough. Overall it's a nice game. :)

Others may have said this...

... but this game should have some sort of a skill up system. At present, leveling up only multiplies the player's score. More variety in monsters, weapons, items, and armor would be welcome in any future versions as well.

I absolutely love the music, concept, gameplay.... all of it! Well done!

very interesting

it would make a perfect mobile game