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Reviews for "Trigger Knight"

Buy every ticket you can, and defeat a dragon without using anything but elixirs :) Great game, finally completed!!

The simplicity of the game makes it really good. The android version is just as great.

Good job!

Awesome game, but sadly I could not give it a 5. I have a few critiques for this game to make it better.
1: Make it less random. Whether I do well or not should not be completely dictated by RNG. This is why I gave this game a 3 instead of 5, because it's too random.
2: Continuing my train of thought from critique 1: Items should be replaced intelligently. Ex: Once sword and armor upgrades are maxed, they should be replaced by consumable items (Elixir, Divine Edge, Gold Voucher), armor should be more prevalent when health is low (something like 1000 HP or below)
3: Dragons should not appear until round 15 and furthermore, they should have a unique enemy icon so players can prepare in advance for the encounter.

I still love this Game even if its pretty old :3 <3

This will become my FAVOURITE GAME EVER!!! its so fun and addictive...beautiful graphic and music THIS REALLY MADE MY DAY!! SERIOUSLY I LOVE ITT!!!!