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Reviews for "Trigger Knight"

been a while since I've played this. must've been somewhere else too: don't have the medals from here yet.

anyway, as fun now as it was then. although you do have to admit, there is a bit of luck involved: holding back a bit and crossing your fingers for a voucher early on helps a load. not to mention that on a few runs i've managed to almost Day 20 before finally nailing a dragon. that's a bit weird. still tons a fun. more fun than a lot of other runners i should think of anyway. cheers.

i really like this game!

Cool, but the game relies heavily on luck and, well, a particular item that, if bought early on, guarantees every subsequent upgrade and item can be acquired much easier.

So, game is good, but lacks some serious balance.

Fantastic and simple fun

The graphics were old school and decent. The dragon sprite though seems a bit familiar, not sure what game I played on here years earlier that had a similar looking dragon, maybe How to Raise a Dragon?

The sound effects seemed fitting enough but I think there could have been more variety for weapon and armor sounds rather than one sound effect being used. The music was also decent and fitting for the game.

The game play was simple and is a strategy game as well since you need to think ahead a little to survive longer, Divine Sword will help to take care of dragons with ease as they have really strong attacks even with good armor equipped.

Overall, fun game, I just recommend changing sounds if you ever do anything with this game again someday.

I liked this game a lot, played it for a while back in 2013 and replayed it now in December 2015, just got the Dragonslayer and Game Completion medals, two years after i found this game.
As for the game itself, i think it's very good because it's simple, fun, the sprites are beautiful, the soundtrack, although repetitive, is not annoying - on the contrary, it's quite catchy.
I'm not gonna give it 5 stars because i have one complaint about it, the dragon is too strong and if you encounter him early, you better have a divine edge or else it's game over. I only made it to day 25 because i was very lucky and only fought my first dragon at day 20.