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Reviews for "Trigger Knight"

Playable but this is not an RPG and the author doesn't seem to understand what an RPG is.

Mintsphere had an improved version on Mobile but I can't play it anymore because they no longer update the game for newer software : (

I do miss the old sprite and solid gameplay as always : )

needs more music

・Good Pixel art.
・Very good Music.
・Arts that Used in game Are Good.

・This game only has 1 Music in game.

The main problem is the shrines sometimes don't come on time. You can pay money at literally every shrine and yet still lose because you ran out of time at some point. That scenario should never happen if this was properly balanced.

The problem tends to happen early game rather than later, and tends to happen if you encounter more of those golem-type enemies early on (rather than the easier dog/wolf-type enemies). But let's say you get two or three golems in a row between very early-game shrines? Yeah you're dead because out of time.

That's probably worse than the overpowered dragon, which yes can be encountered early, but I feel is more "fair" in the sense it's a dragon and is probably set to be low percent chance any enemy could be a dragon, vs. what feels unfair because losing because running out of time due to zero mistakes made whatsoever.

If I'm to lose due to zero mistakes, it better be from an enemy defeating me, not because running out of time.