Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Alien massacre on an abandoned space station!

1st!! The artwork is spectacular, the playability is frantic, and the script interleaves an atmospheric storyline. I've been following the development of this over at the Gaming Your Way blog, and so happy to see it released. I'm especially impressed with the underlying physics engine and how much effort has gone into the development of this highly polished game. Probably my single favourite Flash game of 2011. Fantastic work, what a brilliant game!!

I just got through it...

And It was awesome!
Just 1 thing I noted, a bug maybe?
In the last level

If you go past the shuttle, not over it, but next to it you can actually go to all the black space outside the walls. I tried going to that square thing like the mag-locks in one of the levels, but nothing happened. Is it intended for the player to go there, or it is really a bug?


Well other than that, everything looks very nice. This is an amazing game, it has been a long time since i've seen something like that in Newgrounds. Congratulations on main page!

Squize responds:

Great work for completing it!
And yes, that's another bug to add to the list :)

Good work.

Even if the game is not really original, it's well made and I had fun killing tons of aliens.

Though, I had some bugs with challenges, in fact I spend a least 40k of money and "...spend it" (or something like that) stayed at level 0 so no xp bonus during campain. Second, it would be appreciate if there were more indications for the challenges. The % are not really "indicative"... Third, there could be more different aliens and more stressfull situations. Fourth, less table-pushing ou crate-pushing abilities because it becomes a little annoying even if it's a bit realistic. And the last but not the least, it reminds me dead space... or maybe dead redemption... or was it alone in space plan 9 ? hum.

10/10 for me for the job that's been done. Keep it up ! (excuse me if you don't understand me, english isn't my native language. I tried to argue and not just say I liked it.)

Oh my...

This game is incredible! I mean I had the light turned of and the volume really high it was a real experience of flash gaming.

Sound:Good... the reason why I think this is when you go on a certain surface it makes a really loud sound and it was annoying but all the other sounds where great like the monsters and the random explosions on the walls.

Game play: Fun as hell!

Overview: I think this is a great game, but why is this only a flash game? Why couldn't it been on steampowerd.com and the memory spam could have been much larger and you could get a lot more money because I would by the game instantly! Or on the Xbox arcade a good, 400 or 600 points.

Please I hope you do go extend your great skills in the future I can see it now.


awesome game