Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Got bugged in the first level...

Found a bug at the first level, the part where you encounter an enemy for the first time. After you kill the enemy the doors wont unlock even though it said "door opened" on the screen below. Hope it's fixed soon.

this game is so colll

woowo soo coooooollllllllllllllllll but one how they buy new guns its so hard i dident read the instruccions

Squize responds:

Almost the perfect review there, cheers for that.

okay so i cant even play this cuz it wont load so yea no stars

Squize responds:

So instead of hitting refresh on the browser, it was quicker and easier for you to write a review telling me you're giving me 0 stars.
Fantastic, so yea thanks for that.

Doesn't work, hit refresh 7 times. This looks promising but it will be nice if it will work.

My game does not load.