Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Huge bugs

srsly I can't play this game without getting fucked over. One time the screen just went black and nothing happened...

fail at runing good idea bad for the game

2 at best

It has so many glitches but each one is unforgivable: saves failing, no way to reset saves, extra weapons are falsely usable on next playthrough(terminals dont recognise em).

No quality or sound settings and primitive weapon and sound design woul make it a 7, but the glitches made me rate 2.

I liked Deadspace too

It's sad when people are making "deep and involving" flash games that destroy the fundamental aspects of a genre or straight rip off of another title, or does what you did, both. Remember most space horror shooters where you get a distress signal to go to a ship where the lights go out every half a second and you suddenly have your idiot comrade leave you and get attacked by aliens as well as have the most generic personality of all? Or if you need to be reminded about the modern game this clearly takes after I mean rips off, is Deadspace. The story's premise, aspects, you even use crappy horror cliches of the person getting a call and deciding to go off alone. So the story is not only a ripoff but a bad one. Gameplay? While I won't argue that it works save for ruining the point with keys when I can spend a few bullets to shoot it open not needing to spend the arduous task of looking for them. But your problem is the same problem every overhead horror game is plagued with: It's not scary. If I can see them a mile away to shoot I am not intimidated, and when a horror game isn't scary that's a tough sell. The graphics honestly are lacking color, besides gray, green, and yellow, but maybe that's because the game desperately tries to scare me with dimmed or shutting off the lights. I guess you did the modern tactic and removed all sound or music to the game. I will give you the gameplay, but the plot is a copy-paste, the gameplay isn't really fun or scary, the graphics again are lacking. I mean, I might be tearing this apart but if your willing to put much work into this game, then you deserve deep and intensive criticism.

Squize responds:

We do deserve a deep and intensive criticism, we welcome it.
But, I don't think you've given it. You mention cliches, by default nearly everything in the horror genre is a cliche, there's very few truly original ideas out there, but somehow you expect a free Flash game to somehow strike out on it's own and help redefine the Sci-fi horror genre ?

I could write more, but you know what, I really can't be fucking bothered, I'm not going to defend my games lack of originality. You gave it a 2, which means its just 1 above the worst shit imaginable on this site, because you feel it's not scary ( Very few games are ) and because the story isn't original enough for you ( Obviously you completed a large part of the game and read a big chunk of the story, otherwise you'd just be talking out your arse, and I can tell you're not the sort of person who'd do that ).

Well done, out of all the reviews this game has received yours is the first one thats made me bite. Deep and intensive indeed.

not good at all

this game is very broken and the charecter is very slow, you cant tell what your doing and the pause screen is just annoying, also sometime you cant even shoot.

Squize responds:

But apart from that you liked it yeah ?
I would say thanks for the "review", but we both know I'd be pulling the piss.