Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Level 3 is Retartedly Hard.

The opening Mission Where you need to defend the door, the enemy comes way too fast and the Character moves way too slow. Lost all my lives in a matter of Seconds.

Average defence game... Too common

The menus load up too slowly and really...? You had to get your inspiration from Call of Duty? I saw FMJ and thought 'Okay, all military grade weapons will use FMJ rounds anyway... But I dunno, maybe he just couldn't think of anything else to put. THEN I saw a 'China Lake'... Why?

Squize responds:

I stole the top down maze view from Pac Man too.

hmmm bug finded

after i kill 1 monster the game just crash with the sound of that dead monster and can't interact with anythings. i like the graphic but if it can't play i can't rate X_X

Squize responds:

Were you playing it offline ? A medal is awarded after the first baddie kill, and the current theory is that if its played offline and your Flash security settings don't enable the swf to talk to NG, it'll break like this.


Game crashes after the first monster kill. It turns really loud and sounds like the ship is crashing. No doors will open even if shot.

Glitchy movement

The game itself is fun. However there are a few glaring issues. The lack of music, the unavailability of cash and, most importantly, movement. The main reason that you get such a low score from me is that the movement is not consistent. sometimes you move at a good, understandable pace and suddenly slow down like you were wading through molasses. I also had more than one occasion where you suddenly stop and get caught on something that was invisable. The worst one happened to me right near the end of lvl 6 where I got caught in the hanger and literally froze. I could turn around, but not move. this obviously prevented me from being able to finish the game. I liked the game itself, but the issues with movement just seem lazy to me.