Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

so MANY bugs..

i really like this game and i want to continue play and enjoyin it but its very laggy.
i'm playin this game on a mac laptop im not sure if that makes a difference
-the controls are very sluggish and some parts im tryin to run and shoot but it lags and i run into something or the cross hairs refuse to move and aim.
-on lvl 2 when watching the movie i tried to exit out of it but the screen was still blocking the view and had to refresh the page.
-also on lvl 3 while the other guy was hacking the door and the wave of enemies but i picked up an info card and the game play did not pause so i died TWICE because the menu would not close.
-one more thing, maybe it would help if there was a option to turn the QUALITY to HIGH, MED, and LOW. i feel this helps gameplay for not so high performance computers
i hope this helps but i like the story (so far), weapons, environment, sound, but i can't continue this game any long unless these things are fixed

Ome thing I must sya I absolutely hate about this.

No quality settings, sound settings.. the pause menu didn't have any game configuration.

Just some mission data.

What the hell? Major chunk of the score is taken out for that.
The settings of a game are a necessity for every person.

What about people that can't run this on high quality?
What about people trying to not awaken a sleeping person, or wants to turn down the sound just for it's loudness but still hear a song playing or someone talking in a video in a different tab?

You focused too much on the gameplay and quality, and not enough on anything having to do with actual game configuration for one's satisfaction.

Squize responds:

The game runs in low quality by default mate, that's why there's no setting to change it up.
Sound has an on / off toggle, and every computer has a volume setting. I must admit I didn't cater for someone wanting a low volume game whilst watching a movie, odd how that didn't cross my mind.

EH could be better

Strong base, but really no discerning characteristics. Movement was slow and clunky, if you ran into something there was no escaping. Same with enemies. The weapon system also was pretty dull, people love to customize more ex. exploding shells for shotguns etc. More specific weapon upgrades and maybe player upgrades too?

Squize responds:

We had to draw a line in the sand somewhere with development mate. To not sound like a moaning developer ( Obviously that means I'm going to ) we do all this for free initially, there's no budget and no guaranteed sale.
We could keep refining the game and iterate over and over, but in that time no money is coming in. Also the bigger a game is the more bugs there will be, and enough have been found in this already.

Basically we have to work to a self imposed spec. its not that we didn't want to add more upgrades, but they don't pay the bills until the game is finished and then sold.

Thanks for your review.

Is it too late for a re-scaling option?

I find the game too small, it hurts my eyes to play it on a big screen. The game won't let me re-scale the screen properly with Ctrl+mouseroll.

dumb as hell

its good till you get to lvl like 3 and you gtta wait for the door to open, if you just have the assault rifle there is lterealy NO way to beat tht shit, i waisted a good hour of playing and saving up for a decent gun only to get a ration of crap from this.