Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Speed man

Ok man I gotta be honest if you can update this game. Just make the guy a whole lot faster. (Make it an upgrade) because I KID you not as I'm writing this I'm uploading a youtube of the lil worm dude killing my guy 3 times and I cant shoot em no matter what weapon or which directin. Other then that awesome creepy game to play.

Didn't like it

The gameplay is too slow and not challenging.
I got bored very quickly.

It's resemble and old game called "Alien Breed", and seems to be kind of a remake attempt which didn't capture the original game's scary and stressing atmosphere.

Squize responds:

Sorry it wasn't your thing, that whole thing about not being able to please all the people all the time.
And yes, it's totally based on the original Alien Breed games on the Amiga. Grab an emulator and give them a go, they're not as good as you remembered.

not played yet!!

its like cool in the picture but i think its cooler when i play the game ive gotta be sure so i vote 5 dont blame me

Squize responds:

So sorry, you've not played the game yet but have written a review and given it a 5 ?
Are your family being held at gun point until you review 20 games or something ? Ah, I know you can't tell me and put them at risk, just blink twice if it's the case.

not bad,,

Not bad..

Squize responds:

Do you write reviews professionally ? Like for a game magazine or something.

No ? Didn't think so.

Give the game a 5, hell give it a 0, but explain why, otherwise it's just pointless spammy noise.

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