Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


the graphics were outstanding however the game got very boring.
firstly, these slow asses move like they have down syndrome but they can still push tables at walking speed with ease.
secondly, ive been playing for like 5 minutes and got stuck without even killing one enemy.
thirdly, the story is something that wasnt even discussed about by your team. it is cliche and i can go watch any sci fi movie to figure out what you were thinking.

overall i see that proud effort went into this bag. kinda reminds me of metal gear solid


Great game concept and overall presentation, but movement speed is sluggish you move at a crawl before you even start moving normally, and the handgun is extremely weak yes it makes the game challenging, but not when you are surrounded by monsters and need an escape but can't because you have to crawl before he really starts moving fast...just a few minor tweaks and it'll be a great game

You get stuck in a trap pretty often

The game itself was nothing new, but i did like it. I have the same complaint as everyone else, teh movement was pretty bad. But on another note, you get yourself screwed over pretty often because you wast so much amo opening doors and when the monsters come out, you have to switch to a pistol which does almost no damage.


This fancy games are always bugged gat stuck on doors and such, And in the begining of the game... it says i dont have a key card??? how do i get one???? bececause no tutorial said how to pick up cards or i dont see one Is such horrible game

Squize responds:

When you start the game you're given a keycard, it says "Press space to open the door", then at the next door it says something like "If you have no keycards you can shoot open a door".
Confusing and horrible I know, the game telling you exactly what to do, what was I thinking ?

If I had to use a metaphor to define this game, it would be "Double edged sword". Or maybe "Golden garbage"? Whatever, it has big positive points AND very negative points.

The plusses are obvious: Nice story, fun gameplay and excellent sound effects and, to some extent, graphical effects.

The negatives are: Lack of enemy diversity/specialization - they basically make a beeline for the player, and the hidey one tends to stay put even after taking bullets. Weapons are also basically the same overall, only the shotgun and CL are really different (vulcan is absurdly underpowered).

Controls are bad, simply put. Why not reload with "R"? No hotkeys for weapons either? What the hell?

The "break" point (and what makes this game rate low) is the final medal req (all challenges completed) because it "forces" the player to play the swarm and story mode so many many times and kill so many many many enemies. This makes the game get old really fast. 5 waves for a round, 3 rounds for a set etc. is an absurd and will require many days to complete. so, in short, FAIL.

I hope the sequel is better, since you seem to pay attention to feedback.

Squize responds:

"Golden garbage", love it :)

Thanks for the review mate. I don't disagree with your points, but this came out in what, 2011 ? The sequel ( Lost Outpost ) is much richer and just all round better in every way, but I think it's fair to say that'll be dated now too.
You learn and grow as a game dev, also expectations change, so what may have been fine for a Flash game in 2011 wouldn't be now, so yeah it's going to have lots of rough edges.