Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


This fancy games are always bugged gat stuck on doors and such, And in the begining of the game... it says i dont have a key card??? how do i get one???? bececause no tutorial said how to pick up cards or i dont see one Is such horrible game

Squize responds:

When you start the game you're given a keycard, it says "Press space to open the door", then at the next door it says something like "If you have no keycards you can shoot open a door".
Confusing and horrible I know, the game telling you exactly what to do, what was I thinking ?

Not bad at all

Normaly i would say that it is to "slow" for my taste, but it has a nice athmosphere, weapons are kinda cool and it looks real nice.
SPOILER ALERT!! Still, on some point in level 4 (in the last room with the realy big alien) the game just crashed, thats why there are only 6 stars, sorry. (and i liked the mails and stuff you could find throughout the game , thanks :D)

looks like...

alien breed 2 on the amiga

Squize responds:


Pretty average experience

Pretty average experience looking much like a WIP rather then V1.3.
Not bad, just so... mediocre.

Me too