Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


In story mode, i were not able to pick up keycards, did anyone else encounter this?

Great! But....

I liked it but when I got to the habitation floor the game just went evil. I couldn't find a spot to buy more ammo and when I died it stuck me with a single clip of my 2 guns..along with my pistol. The pistol is CRAP, so I knew I was screwed and quit....

It's great, even if a little unforgiving.

Still too fucking hard.... i die on the 3rd level every time i try... :(
But on the bright side, i am lovin it.
Great Weapons, Great Gameplay, but cant there be an armor attachment maybe for $500.

Squize responds:

On level 3 just take your time mate, don't move until your scanner refreshes so you can see where they're at.
When the lights go down as the door is being hacked just hang around the doors, there's ammo and medi-packs there. If you go wandering off waiting for the doors to open then yeah, you'll soon be outnumbered.
Armour is going to make it's way into the sequel.

Thanks for playing it and taking the time to review it.


the graphics were outstanding however the game got very boring.
firstly, these slow asses move like they have down syndrome but they can still push tables at walking speed with ease.
secondly, ive been playing for like 5 minutes and got stuck without even killing one enemy.
thirdly, the story is something that wasnt even discussed about by your team. it is cliche and i can go watch any sci fi movie to figure out what you were thinking.

overall i see that proud effort went into this bag. kinda reminds me of metal gear solid

You get stuck in a trap pretty often

The game itself was nothing new, but i did like it. I have the same complaint as everyone else, teh movement was pretty bad. But on another note, you get yourself screwed over pretty often because you wast so much amo opening doors and when the monsters come out, you have to switch to a pistol which does almost no damage.