Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

CoD meets Dead Space?

the game was pretty fun to play, but it has some bugs...
-sticky movement
-how come the pistol isn't upgradable?
-weapon select is a little awkward control-wise

also, 2nd level, respawn room: 2 big guys and you lose all keys and things? harsh lol. overall a decent game, would like to see it after some improvement


i enjoyed playing it but there were a few things i noticed that could be changed
-sprinting (makes running away from enemies just a little easier)
-show that a gun can only have 2 attachments (it would help to know this before buying attachments)

other then that, it was a good game

Meh, nothing too new.

Not all of us use WASD/ZQSD

Why can't devs just add a button remap option? It's not like it's particularly hard. ESDF, IJKL, there are plenty of people who use that stuff instead. Seriously using WASD with your right hand. You need to use your pinky for spacebar and your thumb for shift.


The game, though, seems to be one of many 2D Dead Space look-alikes (with an abandoned ship being found and the one person charging through it, and buying upgrades with exp etc etc) although fairly competent on its own. I can't actually tell the difference between the pulse rifle and the assault rifle, apart from the fact that the former has 100 more bullets. If there's another difference, it didn't indicate it in the stats, and I didn't notice any myself.

The "levelling up" seems to be entirely useless in the latter portion of the game. After you buy your an expensive unlock, later in the game, money becomes way more scarce than experience, and if you have the money to buy it, you will always have more than enough experience to get it.

Potentially quite good, but flawed

(I might have found a bug, I can't buy a second upgrade for my rifle, even though I have enough money)

Not much I can say that others haven't. Yes, the general idea has been used many times before, but that doesn't mean it's a BAD idea. I had a real sense of horror in the dark parts, and the aliens were definitely creepy. I love the idea of hive/collective minds and truly ALIEN aliens.
However, slow pacing does indeed drag this game down. The game would be much better if movement was faster, smoother and freer, both for enemies, and moreso, the PC. I suggest nailing the objects down so I'm not pushing them with my face when an enemy is attacking, or least make them destructible.

- And this suggestion may be a bit out there, but the game might be improved by a 'fog of war' feature. If areas were only made visible once you get to them, it could improve feelings of horror, claustrophobia and tension. As it is, I'm not really scared by aliens since I know exactly where they are and I'm warned ahead of time, giving me time to reload and prepare myself. -

But otherwise a game with good potential, that needs polishing and modifications to the gameplay.

what flash do i download?????

Squize responds:

It should be working fine with Flash Player 10 or greater, just full screen mode needs 11.3+