Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


The Flash Game is Good However sometimes I Encounter Glitches/Bugs and thats it the Story is Good, Atmosphere, The Horrors, Medals and the Weapons


Very nice! Best game I have played in a while on the internet! Make another fast!!

Pretty Good.

I like the graphics and gameplay is superb. It's addicting and the storyline is far from boring. The only bug/error I noticed is that aliens cann pass through the corners of the wall without been blocked. Other than that it's a great game.

5/5 9/10

Really fun

The game was really fun! Few guns could use some tweaks like the SMG, since it killed aliens better then the Pulse Rifle. Other then that, I spend a lot of time playing this game.


Overall a fun experience, though awesome alien attack = hug of doom? Still good :D