Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Very nice

Good graphics, excellent job on the lighting.
Enemies are a bit tough sometimes, requiring you to spend entire clips for just a few enemies, but it's still fair.
Basically, Alien Swarm meets Doom for me.

Very well done!

While others raise valid points about its "lack of originality", I still really enjoyed this fresh take on a standard game.

The interface was decent, the only thing I would change is the shift menu. In my opinion, having the weapons menu on toggle was a little confusing for me, and I would have preferred holding down shift and letting go when I had selected my weapon (if that's possible).

I really liked the story and the overall feel of it as well. It's hard to be truly scary in a flash game, but you really made it creepy (what with those "owl men").

The sounds were cool (loved the pistol!) and the music for the big bug fights was awesome.

I did find a sort of a bug. At the last level when you're supposed to blow the place to high heaven by placing the blasting cap on the explosives, I'm fairly sure I didn't. And I still finished the game. I was going ahead to make sure that if it was a timed escape (like Metroid! Which this game reminded me of. In a good way) occurred that the way would be clear. But instead, I won.

I was confused.
SPOILER END----------------------------------

But great game overall. One of the few I actually strove to finish.

If you get scared of this...

Play DarkBase...

That was excellent.

I'd find it hard to believe if this weren't partially inspired by Dead Space, but I don't care either way. It's one of the few flash games that I've played through to the end and felt that my time wasn't wasted. Very good work, I'm looking forward to the next one!

Squize responds:

Thanks so much mate.
And honestly I've never played Dead Space. I did look at the trailers on YouTube as its so similar in theme to what we were doing, but that's it ( Same with Alien Swarm, which is a beautiful looking game ).
Alien Breed on the Amiga, now that's where the inspiration came from :)

It's a great game, I played it last year and managed to come across a "Plan-9" movie easter egg. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it again.

Meanwhile I'm at what looks like the second to last level (one with the fuel tanks everywhere), and I keep getting stuck, literally, inside EBE holes, and can't move out of them.

This has proven to be a great experience, especially with headphones on, but there are still some things that need fixing from grammar to holes to features.

Squize responds:

Yeah those holes were such a mistake, we never had one issue in all the testing but so many people have got stuck in them, I can only apologise ( It's too late in the day to provide a fix I'm afraid ).

Thanks for the review / playing the game mate.