Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"

Ok game.

Nice game to play but it has major bug with door opening.I couldn't open door but instead I was getting a lot xp for just trying to open damned door.


It's awesome! My only suggestion, is yes, it takes just a little too many bullets. I know it's supposed to have this horror/survival edge, but jeez. Also, if your guy could walk a bit faster, you could outrun things while you inevitably run out of bullets. Even with or without any changes, it is aan awesome game!

Not my normal style, but great!

I've been playing this for the last 2 days (at work, so obviously it's taking much longer than it normally would). I'm not quite done but it's managed to hold my attention for that long, which is incredibly rare. I don't normally like games like this but once I figured out a strategy that worked, I started to really enjoy myself, though I definitely died very quickly at first. I like that my progress is saved automatically so I don't have to start over if I get swarmed.

I saw that leaving the humans dead instead of zombies was a deliberate choice, and I think it was a good one. There are a million zombie games and this didn't need them to be successful.

My only tiny complaints would be that I would have liked to be able to move just a little faster because levels can take a long time to fully explore (not entirely bad), and I didn't feel like higher level weapons necessarily offered me more of an advantage. I bought the smg and pretty much saved my money for refilling the ammo if I needed it. My medals are almost all missing too, though I suspect that's a Newgrounds issue and not the game itself. Ah well, the whole point is entertainment and this accomplished that very well.


Reminds me of Space Hulk, Aliens, and Dead Space all at once.

I just really hate the WubWubWub sound all the time.

WubWubWubWubWubWub. Spaceships make other sounds.

Squize responds:

There are around 4 different ambient space station sounds in there, and they're quite low in the mix.

Thanks for the feedback and playing it though.

First off this game is rather excellent and quite fun. I like the horror and scare element to it while it remains to contain the good gun and rpg elements. My only problem, which may only be happening to me, is that it does not recognize my flash player is downloaded. I assume this is due to my computer but just in case you may want to look into it.