Reviews for "Outpost:Haven"


you all should play this its bloody


It's nearly perfect. On of the best, balanced and well atmosphered games on NG and the Web!!!


Squize responds:

Thank you so much.

Epic Alien Shooter...

This should deserve a 10/10 and a 5/5 coz of da work he made into this but the problem with this game is the pistol... it has low ammo and its firing rate is slow but i havent check if it is powerful for da aliens coz i dont wanna die in a lvl... but still 10/10 5/5 deserve it!!

Squize responds:

The pistol is just there for when you've run out of ammo ( Hence no upgrades for it ). You can use it for opening doors when you're low on ammo / key cards too, but that's really its only use.

awesome game .. like every last bit of it... hope u make a part 2

Great but needs a progress delete option.